October 19, 2016

Episode 22 with DJ Okapi guest mix

Another great guest mix this month from DJ Okapi. He specialises in digging up rare electronic grooves in the ‘city of gold’ aka Johannesburg, bringing the forgotten era of South African pop music back to lifespecifically the synth-fuelled 80s disco-funk known as ‘bubblegum’ and the unique house-inspired ‘kwaito’ grooves of the early 90s.

His Afro-Synth blog has been instrumental in turning a new generation of music fans from all over the world on to South African music of the 80s and 90s, most of which was never heard outside the country at the time. The website has since grown into an online store and more recently a shop in downtown Johannesburg.

With African synthesiser music growing in popularity around the world, DJ Okapi recently put together a compilation of South African disco for US-based label Cultures of Soul, entitled ‘Boogie Breakdown’, released in September 2016.


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